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Living on a Caribbean Island as a Remote Software Engineer

Hey there!

This blog post will be a bit less technical than the other 2 I have written. However I hope the life lessons and the experiences I had while working remote on a Caribbean Island can help others in their own journey.

Let’s start at the beginning of the journey.

About 2 years ago on the 25th of February 2020 I decided to move to a Caribbean island called Bonaire to work as a scuba diving instructor!

While I was pretty excited to start my new job over there, you might have noticed the date… and we all know what hit the entire world close to that date… indeed, Corona!

While the scuba centers and all the other companies in tourism struggled I stayed at the scuba diving center for about 6 months. However after those 6 months I had 2 choices.

Leave the island and move back to the Netherlands or Stay on the island and get another job.

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