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Spring Boot – How do you test your controllers?

Hey there! Welcome to this new blog post!

There are multiple testing methods out there. But in this post I would like to talk about the 2 most commonly used testing methods, which are:

  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing

1) Integration testing
Integration testing means we test a part of a system and its modules together as a group. We do not isolate the different modules that belong in a certain flow. Instead, we make sure to test all of them and check if we get the desired outcome.

For instance, looking at this common flow:
HTTP request -> Controller -> Service -> Repository -> Data
we would test the system from the front to the back including every layer along the flow.

2) Unit testing
Unit testing means that we test every module of a particular system flow in isolation as a “unit”, hence the name Unit Testing.

Considering the same flow mentioned above in the Integration test section, namely HTTP request -> Controller -> Service -> Repository -> Data
We would write separate tests for each unit:

  • the controller
  • the service
  • the repository.

In the following, I will explain how this is achievable in the Spring Boot framework and what modules have to be used.

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