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instant performance insights with Instana

OneWelcome’s core business is focused on delivering a SaaS platform for Identity & Access Management for consumers (CIAM) and B2B partners (B2B IAM) for enterprise organizations. The company is a recognized Product & Innovation Leader for offering the most advanced Consent Lifecycle Management functionalities. Providing frictionless and secure access to all users of OneWelcome’s clients’ platforms demands the highest level of performance from these systems. Continuously ensuring the best performance for platforms with up to 10 millions of users poses a formidable challenge. With the implementation of Instana, OneWelcome is able to actively monitor and locate issues within the processes of their clients’ systems in an instant. This way, Instana enables OneWelcome to provide a maximum performance and optimal service level for all of their applications in the field.

Choosing for Instana
Jordi Clement, CTO at OneWelcome, elaborated that OneWelcome already has a longer history of implementing application monitoring programs. Up until two to three years ago, OneWelcome made use of another APM Solution provided by the/experts, their solution partner. The program proved to be a sufficient solution and saw several years of usage. However, over time, the need for a new APM Solution arose for OneWelcome. The deployment model no longer lived up to OneWelcome’s standards, the license model became dated and the infrastructure no longer sufficed for modern day applications.
In search of a new APM solution, OneWelcome again turned to the/experts. the/experts adviced them to start using Instana, offering a better fit for their current environment. Soon after, Instana’s great value became clear to OneWelcome.

The value of Instana to OneWelcome
According to Jordi, OneWelcome found the ideal solution in Instana. Ever since the first implementation, Instana has proved its worth to the company, and continues to do so on a daily basis. OneWelcome’s applications are a key element of the user experience within their client’s applications and programs. Jordi explains how thousands, sometimes even millions of users rely on the optimal performance of these applications, enabling these users to rapidly and safely gain access.
Jordi: “With Instana, OneWelcome is able to monitor the health of their applications, allowing them to discover and solve any (potential) discrepancies instantly.”

OneWelcome’s CTO Jordi Clement continues: “Instana proves to be invaluable in locating any bottlenecks within our microservices-based architecture, providing us with the opportunity to rapidly and pro-actively perform diagnostics. This way, our engineers are able to spend their time more efficiently, dedicating less work hours in pinpointing and troubleshooting.”
By implementing Instana, OneWelcome is able to focus on their core activities: providing best of class CIAM and Consent Lifecycle Management functionality to their customers.

Instana’s main features and benefits for OneWelcome
What makes Instana such a useful tool for OneWelcome, besides the benefits already mentioned above?

  • Easy to install, automatic configuration;
  • AI-based intelligent monitoring solution;
  • Direct visibility;
  • Suitable fit for agile deployment practices;
  • Flexibility and easy up- or downscaling of the environments; Continuously up-to-date and familiar with the latest technologies;
  • Native support and integration with common technology stacks;
  • Possibility of continuous monitoring

the/experts and Instana
the/experts is an exclusive solution partner of Instana, and functions as the go-to partner for knowledge sharing and support for OneWelcome. CTO Jordi Clement indicates they appreciate the cooperation with the/experts and value their support regarding cloud native solutions such as Instana.

the/experts assists with knowledge sharing, audits and training and helped OneWelcome with the implementation and support for Instana.

the/experts experience with Instana implementations within their customer base allows them to provide more extensive insights. That way, the/experts is able to provide us consultancy services, while also regularly performing (code) audits at our request.”