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TECH/talks : assertArg Mockito

Goodbye ArgumentCaptor – Welcome assertArg()

Is this really Goodbye or just a ‘See you later’?

As a Java developer, you’re probably familiar with the Mockito framework, a popular open-source Java testing library that enables developers to write unit tests in an easy and efficient way. If you’re new to Mockito, it provides a wide range of features to help you verify that your code behaves as expected.

One of those features is ArgumentCaptor, a powerful tool that allows you to capture arguments passed to a method call and perform assertions on them. This feature is particularly useful when testing methods with complex argument structures, where traditional assertions can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to read.

However, Mockito has recently introduced a new feature that could make ArgumentCaptor a thing of the past. Say hello to assertArg(), a new and elegant way from the latest Mockito release 5.3.0 to verify arguments passed to a method call.

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